Saturday, August 7, 2010

Camp Day 2: Linebackers Looking Good

The schedule today, at first, is pretty routine.  Wake up bright and early, head to eat at the stadium for a great breakfast, get dressed, and head to watch film with the Linebackers.  I have to say that this year is looking good for the KSU linebacker corps.  We have returning players with a ton of experience.  the new guys seem to be learning the defense very quickly which is good for competition.  The starters, as of now, are the same as coming out of camp but there are some players stepping their game up.  It was a beautiful day today to start afternoon practice.  Speed was emphasized with linebacker drills while also working a lot with tackling.  All things we are trying to perfect before we get pads on.  7 on 7 was played pretty well by the Linebackers but there is a lot of room for improvement.  There was the first interception of the day by Sam Linebacker, Byron Tyson who took one to the house for the highlight of the practice.  All and all the linebackers had a pretty good day.  However, if we are going to be a championship team, good isn't what we are looking for.  Everyday we are going to work hard to become GREAT.  This was the second day of many to become a better linebacker corps and we are going to take advantage of every one.  Tomorrow is the first day with pads.  Look forward to that article.

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