Monday, July 19, 2010

Kent State Football Volunteers for Local Homeless Shelter

 Founders or Gennersaret  Bob and Mary Dirgo

This past weekend a group of motivated Kent State football players decided to give back to the community by helping a local homeless shelter move from their original building to a newer facility.  While working, the players learned about how Gennersaret Homeless Shelter provides services to homeless families who are trying to better their living conditions.  Gennersaret was founded in October of 1986.  They are an all volunteer, non profit organization who do not receive any government funding and do not pay their staff.  Their mission is to provide interim housing, food, training, and support services for those families who are earnestly seeking to improve their lives. 
Many players were humbled by the experience and motivated to give more back to the community.  Among these players was senior preseason All-American Brian Lainhart who stated, "you never really know how important it is to give back until you've volunteered at a place like this.  These people at Gennersaret are truly an inspiration."  Going into the 2010 football season, Kent State intends to use opportunities like these to help the team mature into a championship caliber team.  "This is our year." says senior Danny Hartman, "experiences like this one helps us realize we need to take full advantage of this time in our lives."  For more information about Gennersaret or how to volunteer please visit there website by clicking HERE.

Junior Kyle Reese (bottom) and Sophomore Kent Cleveland (top)

Junior Justin Thompson

Senior Danny Hartman

Senior Brian Lainhart

Junior Lee Stalker (left) Sophomore Kent Cleveland (right)

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