Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Lessons from the Wolf

When wolves are born the are taught from the beginning how to survive.  Their survival depends on their hunting skills.  If the wolves are great hunters they will survive (or continue to win in life), if not they will perish (or continue to lose in life).  The wolves have a great advantage in that they work as a team and that they are the hunters and not the hunted.  They are raised to be HUNTERS.  Let me use the life of the wolf as a metaphor to the life of a Kent State football player.
  Our new birth was the end of the 2009 football team and the beginning of the 2010 football team.  Since winter we have been trained to be HUNTERS and not the HUNTED.  That being said our survival in the season depends on how much work we put in on the off-season learning how to HUNT.  Like the wolf, how hard we train ourselves will determine whether we win or lose.  We have to ask ourselves as players; do we consider ourselves HUNTERS or the HUNTED?  Now I will transition the topic to our mentality when facing big teams.  In this video there are a pack of wolves hunting a pack of bison.  The bison clearly have a size advantage and even a larger group.  However, the mentality of the wolves are those of HUNTERS.  They trust each other working together as a TEAM.  They may chase the bison for miles before they finally have a chance to strike at their weak spot and win.  Even when the bison come back to save the calf they still endure until finally, after all of the hard work, they come home with a meal.  I hope this year we have enough trust in each other to go into games like Penn State and Boston College as HUNTERS and not the HUNTED.  We have to go into these games as a team and play with them until they expose their weak spot and then we will strike!  There will be ups and downs in the game but we have to endure until finally we take their hearts.  We can learn a lot from the lessons of the wolf or the lessons of the HUNTER.

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